Dienstag, Juli 18, 2006

man's best friend

Lately I thought about books.
What is it that makes them so tremendously important to almost everyone of us?
There can hardly be found anyone walking on this earth without a favourite book, one that they carry around wherever they go, one that means more to them as their best lad does. So why is this?
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We all remember books as a big part of our childhood; Only mom's voice reading some fairy tales could make us fall asleep, our first tentative steps of reading famous magazines like "Bravo" and last but not least the dear-diary-girls... haven't we all been one of them?
So, even back in those days books had already one foot in the door. There had been moments when we felt deserted, abandoned and lonely.... reading a shocking thriller would fix it and prove the fact that there is always someone whose situation is even more fucked up than yours.
Or reading about a tragic love story, full of noble feelings and honourable men, pathetic speeches and emphatic suicides... this was the kind of stuff that was needed after your lover had just dumped you, broken your heart and then walked over it as if they would ever get anything close as wonderful as you...

But not only was it a good way to stir the mood and increase the running over with beer and self-pity, no, such a story could beam you up into a higher level of suffering, surrounding you with the aura of unattainability, and gave everyone who was just about to walk up on you the hint that this was probably a stupid idea: the prince or princess in the ivory tower would never even consider having a drink with them.
Like this, books prepared us from becoming pregnant and unwanted fatherhood. A good book is probably more worth than any contraceptive. Wow, take that into account!
But back to what I was about to say: Books can replace and even surpass a best friend. Yes, we all know that.

Coming home after a hard day is not fun when your loving husband or wife is unable to sense your need for a talk about Milton, a nice discussion about Shakespeare or simply a good long fuck.
A book cannot keep up with that either but, and now listen up lad, it can share a most intimate moment with you and not ever asking you about things you don't want to answer. Books are frugal.
A book will never ask you how you like the new summer dress from Valentino or the new shoes from Prada - and it will not serve you the bill for both with your dinner plate.
Isn't it a big comfort to know as soon as I get fed up with all that blokes and lassies out there I can just open my new book and sink into the cosy little world of Star Wars II?
Hell, yeah - it is!