Samstag, Juli 22, 2006

Men wanted!


Today I sneaked around in one of these plenty forums that are now all over the net, attached to communities like... oh well, do we want to know it...?
Anyway, I discovered one of these threads with the title
"No one loves me, I've got no friends and no girlfriend either. HELP!"
Interested in my fellow human beings ( and curious what desperation might have driven this poor creature so far) I clicked on his profile to learn more about him.
0h dear! Little did I know what I abyss was going to gap in front of me.
There were lots of poems listed, written by himself of course, about his life and how bitter he is because of every body is treating him so awfully... And bitter he was! Bitter, selfish and arrogant. And at the end of it he went
"Please contact me if you think you want to become my girlfriend"
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Seriously, who else than a unemployed psychiatrist would want to answer something as desolate and gloomy as this?
Don't get me wrong mates, my heart goes out to all of you who have to suffer from major depressions because of a terminal disease, the loss of a loved one, a sudden change in life or other serious reason for being depressed, sad, disappointed and whatever. But isn't someone who is healthy, young and mildly attractive ( to some at least) and yet moaning about every little poops in his life, isn't that respectless, thinking of someone who has just lost his wife or child, someone who has just heard his life will come to an end in a few weeks, someone who has just been kicked from his job?
Why do we have to bother with these milksop, these wanna-be-heroes and people-have-disappointed-me guys?
But I have just THE advice for you: Grow up, get your life in some kind of order, take responsibilty for your actions and stop running away from it all! No one is after you as you are your worst enemy yourself.

Now, this was medea, thanks for listening to my ramblings. *gg see ya

PS: If you care to share your thoughts on that subject - leave a comment.


  • You should never type your comments in the dark and then forget to proofread them ;)

    How can you know that he isn´t suffering from depressions?
    He sounds a lot like that according to what you tell us...
    They can´t be major however, because if they were he wouldn´t be able to write...
    But I´d like to form my own opinion, so it´d be cool if you would share the URL that leads to his whinings with us.
    Any opinion i´d be able to contribute now would only be based on hearsay and I don´t like to rely on hearsay especially when it comes to judging other people...

    By Blogger moe, at 22 Juli, 2006 22:56  

  • i love you chap!

    ...just ´couse of the way you are.
    c u at the end of the summer!

    ps: order my life? - NEVER ...

    By Blogger p-sito, at 22 Juli, 2006 23:58  

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