Mittwoch, Juli 19, 2006


Israels aggression in Lebanon is genocide!

Of course Israel has the right to defend itself against aggression, but with measure and within the boundaries of international treaties and law.

- 21 Lebanese military
- 4 Hezbollah fighters
- 512 wounded
Total casualties: 233
Cicilian/militia fighters ratio: 52 civilians killed in order to get rid of one fighter

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-The only civilian airport of lebanon
-42 bridges
-38 roads
-100 residential places completely destroyed
-Several schools and Hospitals
-one mosque and one church
-2 military airports
-dairies, food storage facilities, water processing plants

-36,800 people have fled their homes in the beirut southern suburbs alone
-25,000 refugees in Sour
-10,000 refugee *families* in Jbeil caza
-14,500 refugees in Beirut

-12 civilians
-12 Israel military
Total casualties: 24
Civilian/military ratio: 1
Source: lpfm.org

These figures clearly demonstrate that the only measure the IDF knows is that one lebanese civilian life is worth less than a flys life!

Please also take into account that these are yesterdays figures, and that today with 55 new civilian casualties was the most bloody day since the war started.

I think the hottest place in hell is reserved for those that step aside and do nothing in times of need.

Don´t waste your time with useless internet petitions. Their only effect will be ad revenues for their webmasters.

Write amnesty-style letters to your MP, the foreign minister, the Israeli embassy and the Israeli government asking to protest or to stop the indiscriminate killings.

Clutter their Inboxes with e- or even better snail mail!

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